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"The benefits to using this device are abundant...I bought it for my horse who is very sensitive and tense. He relaxed in minutes and absolutely loved it!”

Ball Head

This soft foam/rubber shaped ball is a great attachment for beginners, or when using yourdevice for the first time. Use thisattachment to acclimatise yourhorse to the repetitive sensationof the gun. Use it to carefullyexplore your horse’s body, find the areas he finds relaxing, and the ones he/she would ratheryou left alone.

Bullet Head

This advanced attachment is great for massaging trigger and stress points in the equine body. You can use it to focus on tight spots, and known areas of tension... it works beautifully for muscle knot removals. Avoid bony areas with this attachment, stick to areas which are muscle dense, and known areas of tension, tightness or pain.

Flat Head

This is designed for breaking down muscle tissue in dense areas of the body like the hindquarters, neck, croup, thigh and buttocks. This attachment is ideal if you are looking to give treatment for relaxation and therapeutic purposes, and don’t require deep-tissue relief and knot removal.

Forked Head

The fork glides perfectly along the hamstring, buttocks, crest of the neck both sides, and if your horse enjoys the sensation, all along the spine to the dock of the tail. This attachment enables deep penetration to particularly tight and sore areas, and is a very handy tool for both humans and equines.

Thumb Head

This advanced thumb attachment is really the best head to use for targeted, deep-tissue relief. It is commonly used on areas of known tightness and tension, but given its ability to deeply target with a small surface area, we advise not to stay on any one are for too long. This attachment head is used more for therapeutic use, not for the purposes of relaxation.

Shovel (Shiatsu) Head

This attachment works best over large muscle groups, and offers a ‘Shiatsu’ type of treatment. It is a useful tool for breaking down granulomatous (scar) tissue and relieving tight muscular pain, perfect for the hindquarters, neck, croup and thigh.


Yes! We have our Equine User Guide which describes the best use for each head, general tips and things to look out for. Each order is shipped with a paper copy of this to ensure you get the best use out of your unit. It can also be found here.

Yes, all of our orders are dispatched with the appropriate plug to ensure smooth and fast charging, no adapters needed.

Yes! We have a 30-day money back guarantee. If your product is damaged or broken - please contact our support team at with proof of your issue, and we'll be sure to remedy the situation for you.

Simply plug in and charge for 2 hours.  Dependent on where you are ordering from, we will send the correct plug fitting for your location.

No it’s not noisy at all, due to the high quality motor and the smooth sliding of the percussion arm.


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