About Us

EqusPro was born from our desire to be able to treat our horses at our home base, and in our own time.  We felt that our horses could benefit greatly if we ourselves, could treat them regularly in between their regular physio appointments.  


We have worked alongside veterinary physiotherapists, chiropractors and EMT’s to develop a unit that is robust enough to treat horses effectively, yet quiet even whilst operating at high speed.

We are now the market leader in equine massage guns, with our units being used by both people and horses in every corner of the globe.


We have a dedicated and committed customer care team, who are available by both email and on Facebook to help our customers with any queries they may have. 


Whether your chosen discipline is showjumping, barrel racing, trail riding or Grand Prix dressage; our  EqusPro unit is enabling owners and riders to treat their own horses, in their own time...and extend times between regular physio treatments.


We are constantly growing and evolving, and trying to find ways we can improve our best-selling unit, and the already excellent customer service that we offer.  


Even though we are still in unprecedented times with covid-19 still around; we are here to help anytime.



How we got here...

At EqusPro we felt the equestrian world could benefit greatly from a portable hand-held device, that allows owners and riders the ability to give deep tissue treatments themselves at the stables, at your convenience.


We found that it enabled our horses to have longer intervals between regular physio and chiropractic treatments, and we even used it for pre and post competition relaxation and warm down.


EqusPro’s Fascia Massage Gun is helping physiotherapists, owners and riders around the world, to give regular treatments to their own horses....Relaxation and Rehabilitation at its best!


We donate a portion of our sales to charities such as la-reserve.